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Our Roots

Scenic Roots is a video production company based in Washington, DC.

Sandrine Silverman has her BA in Sociology from Skidmore College and a Master's in Journalism from Harvard University. Her work experiences in Video Production range from Production Coordinator to Editorial Manager. Her passion lies in utilizing video as a powerful medium to explore, expose and examine the world around us. She feels strongly that every individual, business or organization has a unique and valuable story to tell and that video is a worthy tool for both communicating and collecting the truth. She hopes that video and other uses of media are primarily used for the benefit of society and not at its expense. She aspires to be a documentary filmmaker and to grow her own production company. She spends her free time boxing and riding with her best friend from childhood, Sophie's Choice…a horse of course.

Alfred Schoeninger has a B.A. in Film/Video Production from Rhode Island College and is currently working at Georgetown University as a videographer and production coordinator. Aside from video production, Alfred has been involved in the music industry since 2004. He wrote and produced his own albums and currently is signed to the independent hip-hop label Strange Famous Records. His work has received national and international acclaim from publications such as URB magazine, Pop Matters and NME. He aspires to be a filmmaker and to grow his own production company.

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